Black Hawk Lake

Another lake to enjoy — with special rules

Please use the facility in compliance with posted rules so that we may continue to keep it open for enjoyment by all YLP residents.

YLOA does not own Black Hawk Lake or the Black Hawk Lake Recreation Area. Our continued use of this facility is subject to residents complying with the terms of our usage agreement.

At this time, our Security Department will be handling the distribution of keys and passes on an appointment basis.

Call 559-760-7979 at approximately 7:45 a.m. daily to reserve your key and pass. Y0u must call the same day you want to visit the lake. No walk-ins; you are not guaranteed a key for day use.

  • Winter hours for using Black Hawk Lake are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entering the premises before this time or staying after is a violation of our usage agreement.
  • Day use passes are limited to 6 passes per day. The cost for a day pass is $1.
  • Proof of YLP residency in the form of a driver’s license or a copy of a utility bill will be required to pick up a pass for Black Hawk Lake. This is a condition of our usage agreement.
  • Keys and passes must be returned before midnight on the day for which they are issued. If keys are not returned, there will be a $150 charge to cover the cost of replacing the locks.

Black Hawk Lake is a wonderful amenity, however, our right to use Black Hawk lake is provided by easement. We do not own the lake or the property and our ongoing rights to use the facility are subject to complying with the terms of our usage agreement — which includes limited hours of access, issuing passes and charging a daily use fee.

Additionally, usage of Black Hawk Lake is restricted to YLP residents and owners and valid proof of residency is required.

The right to use Black Hawk lake will be REVOKED for any resident who fails to comply with the Black Hawk Lake usage rules

Use of Black Hawk Lake by any YLP resident in violation of permitted usage is subject to financial fines.

Vehicles without valid day passes are subject to towing or being cited for trespassing.



Access route to Black Hawk Lake (from Long Hollow Lane at top)