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What lucky birds, and lucky us! Darrel Dietrich has created another stupendous bird feeder, this time for YLOA.

Darrel has done other big bird-feeder creations that can be seen around his yard next to the YLP Golf Course, but this tops ’em all — taking him 111 hours to construct.

Right now, it’s on a table in the corner of the Fireplace Room, but is destined to be put up on a sturdy pole on the lawn near the clubhouse entrance.

He said, “It’s got the four solar lights so at night… people can see how it lights up.”

Darrel said it’s a gift to YLOA. And, oh yes, it really can feed birds — seed can be put anywhere on the grounds outside the fanciful blue-and-white “clubhouse.”

A lot of elbow grease and loving craftsmanship go into the creation, as Darrel, with help from his wife, Patty, collect all kinds of material — from plywood to old screens and roofing paper to thread spools to go into it.

Darrel points out some of the many features: “On this side here, is for Jonathan and his crew and on this side, I put him in the Bogey Office. Then back here we’ve got our pond, the Blue Heron lake. And this is Pol’s Yacht Club with the U.S.S. Minnow. On the front side, the entrance to Blue Heron Restaurant. And the back side is the wine cave.”

And you can still read our 2015 YLP Spotlight story on Darrel Dietrich and his earlier bird feeder creations.

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