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Wildfires: Preparation and tips for homeowners

Susan Fee, one of our boarders and committee members, volunteered to head up the efforts for an emergency evacuation plan for the Equestrian Center.  Our committee is also working with the YLOA DASH Committee to incorporate our plan into theirs.

Fires are not the only emergencies we are addressing but I have included a link to a very informative article that Susan found for us regarding fire evacuation tips.

How to complete ballots

Packets with all you need to vote in the 2019 YLOA annual election have been mailed to all YLOA members in good standing.

The candidates are: newcomers Doug Dorsey and Sandy Eigenman and incumbent Dave Mahan. If elected, they will fill the three two-year terms. A fourth seat, vacated by the resignation earlier this year of Kathy Taylor, has a year to go.

The YLOA board separately voted to appoint outgoing Director Dennis Ciccarelli, with his consent, to fill that seat when his current term ends July 20.

Meet the Candidates’ Night will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 25, in the clubhouse.

Here is a video on how to complete the ballots:

YLP Cares comes to life

YLP Cares officially came to life Tuesday, when the YLOA Board of Directors voted to direct the YLOA & YSPUC board presidents to join with the general manager to develop bylaws and appoint an initial board for YLP Cares for no longer than six months.

YLP Cares is a not for profit charitable organization authorized by the YLOA board last year. It is independent from YLOA and was set up to help our community qualify for grants, encourage volunteerism and provide financial assistance to local residents.

For more about YLP Cares, read General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s May 13 blog.

The YLOA board also approved:

• An Ethics Policy for Committee Members (part of the GM Report)

A Separation Policy for YLOA & YSPUC Board of Directors and officers (part of the GM Report)

Concerning this year’s financial and election packets:

• If you haven’t received an election packet in the mail, let the YLOA office know by calling 559-517-3499. You can also pick up a packet and ballot in the office during office hours 8-5 Monday through Friday.

• Some packets were sent out by our processing and mailing vendor missing ballots. We have extras you can pick up in the office.

• We are sending annual (financial) packets to those who had requested email communication, but have not yet opened the email we sent in May.


• Please view General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s June YLOA GM Report for valuable updates on financial matters, the Pipeline Replacement Project (PRP), the five-year Fix Our Stuff initiative, and other activities. You can also view the June YSPUC GM Report.

• Videos of both the YLOA and YSPUC June Board of Directors meetings are now available on our Videos page.

Dues invoices going out

Invoices for 2019-2020 fiscal year YLOA dues are going out to members this week. THEY ARE DUE JULY 1.

• Members will have 15 days to make the payment (total or first of a payment plan) without penalty.

• Dues received July 16 or after will be considered delinquent and subject to a late fee of 10% of the missed payment or $10, whichever is greater. If you had arranged to pay the entire year’s dues of $1,579, that means your late fee will be $157.90 IF YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT JULY 16 OR LATER. Charges and penalties will increase after that.

Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association — YOUR HOA — does NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.

That’s why we’re telling you now. 

The new collection policy will start July 1, with YLOA’s new fiscal year, in which your HOA will actively enforce its policies regarding unpaid dues & bills.

We encourage you to make your complete or first payment by then or earlier.  This year, dues will be delinquent JULY 16, NOT JULY 31 as in the past.

And for those who have unpaid dues — or water bills — from this fiscal year or earlier, now is the time to catch up on your payments. No matter what the amount or circumstance, PLEASE CONTACT US! We want to work with you to make payment.

So please take advantage of this time to get straight with your payments which are counted on by your friends and neighbors to support the whole community and everything about our mountain setting that we enjoy.

Call us at (559) 517-3499.

Clubhouse projects under way

Yes, it’s summer, temps are back into the triple digits, the pool is busy and YLP Live on the lawn is back on Friday evenings.

But there’s even more happening this summer at the clubhouse, as we’ve been talking about at the Town Halls, board meetings and YLP Life newsletters.

More efficient air conditioning & new roof

The old, inefficient air conditioning units have been removed and replaced with ductless AC units, which are far more efficient. On the heels of that work, crews are making repairs to the roof which has had countless leaks over the leaks and spots of dry rot. That will be followed with a new shingled roof.

Outdoor pizza kitchen enclosure

YLOA Director Ken Sartain leads a team of several other volunteers erecting a roofed enclosure or “gazebo” for the new outdoor kitchen. General Manager Jonathan Penrose estimates it will take another 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to complete the roof work.