YLP Cares is a new, not for profit, charitable organization that was authorized by the board last year. It is independent from YLOA and was established to help our community qualify for grants, encourage volunteerism and provide financial assistance to local residents.

Various YLOA employees and board members have committed to personally donate at least $5,000 in initial funding. Other members of our community will be given the opportunity to contribute and to participate in various projects as well.

The initial Articles of Incorporation have been completed and we will be applying for status as a federally approved 501c3. Once we are approved, we will be able to accept tax-deductible donations.

We will be providing additional details regarding YLP Cares in the coming weeks, including: meeting times, board appointments and how to apply for financial assistance if you are experiencing an economic hardship.

We do understand that increases to our dues and other unexpected events can create a financial hardship for some residents. If you wish to help others in our community, YLP Cares will provide a vehicle that will allow you to do so.

Jonathan Penrose
YLOA-YSPUC General Manager

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