A YLP couple have launched a nonprofit called The MJ Project with the mission “To inspire teens with choice, a book, and the confidence to imagine what could be.” As a part of that project, Leslie Lipton and Tom Nelson are making this generous offer to Class of 2020 grads living in Yosemite Lakes Park:

“As we all know, the events of the past few months have made things difficult and at times disappointing for the Graduating Class of 2020. However, at The MJ Project, we believe in turning obstacles into opportunities, and it is in this spirit that we reach out to the high school seniors in Yosemite Lakes Park in the best way that we know how. In short, promoting reading and giving away books is our thing, so we are privileged to help celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment by offering you a book of your choice, no strings attached.”

 Just go here and fill out this form.