Results of the 2021 YLOA Annual Election Continuation meeting held Sunday, July 18, at the YLP Clubhouse:

Beate Olivas 642 votes

Doug Dorsey (incumbent) 441 votes

David Mahan (incumbent) 428 votes

Randy Sacks 421 votes

Preston McGill 194 votes

The three seats to be filled were won by Olivas, Dorsey and Mahan.

Election Inspector Marie Touitou will deliver a detailed final election report to the YLOA Board of Directors, to be read at the next board meeting in August.

Officers elected by the board for 2021-22 are:

President, Sue Beck

Vice President: Doug Dorsey

Secretary: Todd Benzie

(Outside) Treasurer: Mark Zoeller (not a director)

After the YLOA Board meeting, the YSPUC Board of Directors convened, voting to maintain the current five members, David Mahan, Doug Dorsey, Gary Bryngelson, Ken Sartain, and Mark Zoeller.

David Mahan was elected to continue as president and Mark Zoeller as treasurer.  Doug Dorsey was chosen as vice president. Selection of a secretary was postponed until the next board meeting, along with selection of two others to fill out the seven-member board.