For the last several years  we have been blessed to have six beautiful hanging baskets on the back patio of the clubhouse. The effort to procure and care for these baskets has been led by Carolyn Villi with assistance from additional Ladies of the Lakes volunteers. She has donated her time, money and talents to ensure they are well maintained — including storing the baskets in the winter and replanting them in the spring.

On behalf of our YLP community, I want to extend our thanks to Carolyn for all she has done. After five years of providing the baskets, she has decided to invest her time and efforts in other community projects.

In a previous YLP Life newsletter, there was a speculation that the baskets had dripped water that might have contributed to some dry rot on our back deck. We want to clarify that we don’t believe the baskets caused any problems to the deck and we are very grateful to have enjoyed them for the last several years.

An additional thank you to board members Ken Sartain and Gary Bryngelson for donating their skills, time and effort to discover and repair the age-damaged decking. 

This is an example of our board members going above and beyond to give back to our community. (Please note: Carpentry skills are not a required board member qualification — just a lucky benefit for the rest of us!)

I’d also like to add a personal thank you to the dozens and dozens of other community members that volunteer their time and money to enhance our community. We may not all see them in action, but our community members donate thousands of hours every year to make YLP a better place for all of us!

Jonathan Penrose
General Manager