Published Aug. 13

A number of recent events are requiring YSPUC to alert all water customers to reduce usage immediately.

Since most of the extra demand on the system comes from external (outside the home) watering, YLOA/YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose is requesting a 50 percent reduction in outside watering for at least the next two to three weeks.

Demand on the system has spiked upward in the past several days, and water usage is on track to be up 40 percent from last August. At this time, YLP is consuming more water than it is producing.

Among reasons for YLP’s critical water situation:

• More people are staying home and using more water here because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• The extended string of 100 degree-plus days, with an Excessive Heat Warning posted for coming days.

• Failure of a pump on Long Hollow Drive which is temporarily reducing production. Emergency service for the pump replacement has already begun, but it will take several days to complete and bring that well back on line.

• Simultaneously, a pump on Revis went down and is also receiving emergency repairs. 

• Two power outages in the same week caused the shutdown of 5 wells and 5 booster stations. Although power was restored after a short time, the wells cannot be brought back into production for several hours – which reduced available supply. 

Although the situation is critical now, Penrose said there IS water to get the community through this IF conservation takes place. But it COULD become an emergency if YLP residents don’t conserve.

Homeowners are urged to cut back on irrigation and regularly check systems for leaks — especially now in midsummer when animals are most desperate for water and will easily chew through tubing.

Water conservation tips from Madera County