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What about the roads, the water, the dues, the amenities? YLP people have questions and want answers! Well, we may not be able to answer every question right away, but here’s a place where you can get the correct, official, factual answer to the most commonly asked questions that both board members and staff hear. These are chosen from Q&A topics, emails to our Contact Us page, our official YLP social media sources and conversations involving board members, staff and members.

Why are our dues going up?

Read the 2020 YLOA disclosures.[useyourdrive dir=”1z1k7iUw1aIuCXj0VmFascEuXMBljzFpb” account=”113136831896165370194″ mode=”files” include=”2020-YLOA-disclosures.pdf” viewrole=”administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|guest” downloadrole=”all” ]

Why do my dues help pay for amenities I don’t use?

Read the 2020 YLOA disclosures.[useyourdrive dir=”1z1k7iUw1aIuCXj0VmFascEuXMBljzFpb” account=”113136831896165370194″ mode=”files” include=”2020-YLOA-disclosures.pdf” viewrole=”administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|guest” downloadrole=”all” ]

Where can I get the DORs (Declaration of Restrictions) and bylaws?

Each lot buyer receives a print copy as part of their escrow packet. If you have questions, call the YLOA front desk (559) 517-3499. Also, you can read them online on our Public Documents page.

What’s being done to fix our roads?

YLOA’s roads maintenance plan is a major part of our five-year Fix Our Stuff plan. You can read General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s Fix Our Roads presentation here.

Why does my septic system need be inspected every month and why do I have to pay for that?

This is mandated by Madera County. YLOA inspectors check each system once a month, and the aerobics fees pay for that. Get much more information on our Aerobic Systems page.

Why is my water sometimes brown and containing sediment? Can I get a credit on my bill?

Go to our YSPUC page for answers to those and other questions regarding flushing and discolored water.

Why did YLOA build a pizza oven?

For years, many in the community had asked for family-size pizza. Our executive chef and general manager came up with the idea to build a pizza oven that was big enough to make multiple large pies quickly to meet demand. There was no room for such an oven in the existing kitchen, so a group of volunteers, using construction materials paid for by the association, spent many months building a covered pizza kitchen around the oven on the back deck.

The objective has been to provide delicious, affordable family-size pizzas which are expected to increase revenue to YLP’s restaurants significantly. In a relatively short time period, it’s expected to cover the cost of the pizza system construction and oven. Check out the menu!

What can be done about loose and barking dogs?

Call Madera County Animal Services first at (559) 676-7891, then call YLOA Security at (559) 760-7979.

Can we fish in the lake?

Catch-and-release only fishing is allowed only in Blue Heron Lake (around the Clubhouse). You must have a valid fishing license. Fishing in Black Hawk Lake at the southern edge of YLP is a conditional use — read about the rules for use of that lake on the Blackhawk Lake page.

Do I need to notify anyone if I want to put in a swimming pool?

Yes —swimming pools need to be approved by the Environmental Control Committee in addition to notifying YSPUC before you fill your pool.

Do I need permission to build a fence?

Yes. You must get ECC approval. Fences cannot be built on lot lines. Please contact the YLOA office for more information at (559) 517-3499.

I want to make some improvements to my house and property. Do I need to get approval?

New structures, additions/exterior remodeling, fences, house colors, and solar all must first be approved by the Environmental Control Committee. There is a fee. Contact YLOA front desk for more information at (559) 517-3499.

Does my dog need to be on a leash when we are out walking?

All dogs in Madera County are expected to be under control at all times. They must be confined to your property. If you take them off your property, to go for a walk for example, they must be on a leash. For more information, please visit

Why do I need to vote during YLOA annual elections?

YLOA is a homeowner association operating under California law as a corporation. The success of this community depends on the active participation of all who reside here.

What are my options for paying dues?

YLOA offers 3 payment options: annual, quarterly, and monthly. A $7 fee is added for each payment option other than annual.

Can I ride my ATV or dirt bike at my house or around YLP?

It is against the law to ride an ATV/dirt bike not only in YLP but in residential areas of Madera County. (Madera County Ordinance 10.28.020)

Can I hunt in YLP?

YLP is a no-shooting zone.

Clubhouse, lake and picnic area

The lake and picnic areas surrounding the clubhouse are open to members on a first come first serve basis. As a courtesy, groups of 15 or larger should coordinate with Security. Motorized boats are allowed on the lake with electric motors only, Fishing and boating is allowed for members and their accompanying guests, only (when opportunity exists).
Use of skateboards, roller blades, scooters, bicycles or other such devices are prohibited in the Clubhouse parking lot as posted.

Street Address

The Association reminds you that your street address must be posted in accordance with the Madera County Code. The number shall be made of a durable material, three inches minimum height, one-half-inch stroke, contrasting with the background colors and all such numbers shall be of such type and so placed as to be easily visible and legible from roadway, permanently posted at the driveway access, visible from both directions of travel. This is very important for emergency agencies that are trying to reach you.