Published Aug. 19

Thanks to everyone’s efforts to conserve and great work by our YLP staff, water levels are holding steady at the Long Hollow tank — barely.

The new pump is assembled and being lowered to the proper depth in the well. It is presently at 500 feet and we are optimistic that we can get it to the proper depth of 1,070 feet by Friday morning.

At that point we will have to do some flushing, disinfecting and testing.

We will do a rush request on the lab testing and if there are no more “surprises,” we expect the well to be in back in operation no later than Monday.

The main line break that occurred yesterday on Limestone has been repaired with minimal loss of water reserves — thanks to our great crew.

We do need everyone to continue to conserve to get through the next two days and as we build up our tank levels over the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and understanding.

Emergencies, by their nature, are unpredictable. But the quick action by our team and our contractor has been exemplary.

A special thank you to our teams that have been out around the clock in this sweltering heat to handle these emergencies.

YLOA/YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose