Published Aug. 28, 2020

From General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s report to the YLOA Board of Directors:

The current water emergency threatens sustainability of the golf course. While most of the water used at the golf course is from natural run-off, this is the time of year that additional water is needed from the system. However, with residential demand so high and supply low, that is not something we can do.

We have an out of service well that can be used to provide landscaping water. We had planned to connect this in conjunction with new pipeline installation, but the present circumstances have required us to move up the timetable.

Our pipeline crew is currently installing a cross country line that will provide a reliable (and less expensive) source of water for the golf course and clubhouse landscaping.

Benefits of this project include:

■ lower cost water for golf course and clubhouse landscaping
■ leverages existing well investment
■ removes nearly 2 million gallons a year of demand on the water system
■ more eco-friendly
■ more reliable source of water
■ able to keep golf course lake full for fire prevention/source of fire water
■ potentially able to supplement lake water at clubhouse to prevent dry lake -NOT expected to keep lake full, however.

The expected cost of this project is approximately $15,000 and should pay for itself within 12 months from savings on cost of treated water

Project is expected to be completed before 9/15.