From YLOA/YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose:

Staffing Levels: Due to workshare and employee turnover, our available labor hours remain very constrained. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we hire and train additional staff.

Phones: Our policy is to answer phones personally. However, when staff is engaged with another customer, we do not interrupt that call to answer another call, only to place you on hold. If you do not reach a live operator, PLEASE leave a message. At this time we are striving to return all calls within 48 hours. We receive many calls without messages being left. We also receive many calls where the caller says: ‘I was just calling to see if you answered the phone’. This delays service response time for everyone. All community member messages are important to us.

Busy Time: This is also the busiest time of year for our admin team. Please be patient as we have an unusually high volume of calls at this time of year.

Water Bill Online Payments: We have experienced a delay in enabling our new online payment system for YSPUC bills. We expect that to be completed soon. Credits will be issued for online fees to any customers who used the old payment system for online payments in May or June.

Mail Theft: We have experienced a number of mailbox break-ins. Our security team conducts over 350 mailbox checks per month during our patrols. This is the first instance of mail theft reported to us since 2018. We are actively working with USPS and law enforcement to address this issue, as we did in 2017/18 when this problem occurred before (which led to arrest, conviction, and jail time). During an active investigation, we obviously do not post the location of cameras or times of patrols/stake-outs.
In the meantime:
DO pick up your mail regularly (preferably every day)
DO contact the Post Office and ask to hold mail for pickup, if you have valuables being delivered.
DO report any theft of your mail on the USPS website
DO report any theft to our Security Team (559-517-3480 or 559-760-7979)

Board Election: Property owners, please be sure to vote in the upcoming YLOA Board Election. Election packets and ballots have been sent. If you did not receive one, please call the YLOA office at 559-517-3499 during business hours.