AUG. 3, 2022
The pizza kitchen will be closed for the next few weeks, starting Wednesday 8/3, as we make a couple requested changes.

Here is a summary of what is happening:

A few weeks ago the Madera County Department of Public Health performed an inspection of the Blue Heron Restaurant, Yosemite Grill and pizza kitchen. This happens on a regular basis and has been done multiple times over the years.

There are usually a couple things they ask us to change. For example, a few years ago they asked us to move the ice machine inside, even though it had been outside and passed inspection for years.

Of course we moved it, as per their direction. This is standard operating procedure and we always cooperate with the Health Department.

This year they asked us to replace the floor in the pantry, make updates to the floor and screens in the pizza kitchen, modify a few plumbing lines, and a couple other things.

As always, we are working with them to comply with their requests, and have already presented a plan to them to meet those requests in a timely way.

When the pizza kitchen was built, we were told by the building inspectors who, of course, visited the site that we did not need permits for the structure at that time.

We have now been asked to get a permit for the structure. We have already been to the Madera County Building Division and already submitted plans to comply with their request, and have pulled a permit for the structure, as now requested.

Just like with the ice machine, requirements can change, and we fully cooperate to make the required changes.

While the Health Department was fine with our plan and allowed us to stay open while the updates were made, WE LEARNED MONDAY AFTERNOON (Aug. 1) that the Building Division would like us to stop service in the pizza kitchen for a few weeks while they go through the submitted plans and we make the updates directed by the Health Department.

The Building Division is working with us to expedite this process, which we expect to take a few weeks.

While I am disappointed about the situation, it will be resolved shortly, and we have already been doing what we can to expedite the process.

A couple other notes:

Pizza is one of our most popular and profitable items, and we are doing everything we can to start cranking out hot, delicious pizza again within the next few weeks.

Over the past 3 months, pizza has been our #5 best selling item at the Blue Heron/Yosemite Grill.

From May 1 to July 31, we sold 1,095 pizzas with $16,554.11 in revenue.

Factoring in food and labor costs. this generated approximately $3,500 in net contribution, not counting the extra beer and soda that usually accompanies a pizza sale.

For the last 12 months, which included multiple Covid shutdowns, we sold 3,122 pizzas with net sales of $44,460.59.

At our current pace, we would sell over $65,000 in pizza annually — though sales do fluctuate throughout the year.

Based on our current sales/costs, that represents about a 35% Annual ROI (Return On Investment) — if only the stock market were performing so well right now! laughing