From YLOA/YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose:

For those who haven’t heard, the Madera County Planning Commission held a hearing Aug. 3 on the request to grant a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed wedding/event venue. 

The meeting began at 6:00 and concluded around 10:00 PM, with discussion of this matter starting at 7:45.

There were approximately 25 YLP residents present in person and perhaps an additional 15 online. 

After reviewing the documents from planning staff, speaking with the property owners, and hearing testimony from those opposed to the project, the Planning Commission voted 5-0 against allowing the project. 

One resident testified in support of the project and about 18 residents testified against the zoning change request. 

Because the request included a proposed change to the general plan, the recommendation of the planning committe will be forwarded to the Madera County Board of Supervisors for a final vote. 

It would be extremely unlikely for the board to reject the unanimous recommendation of the planning commission. 

If for some reason the board does reject the recommendation of the planning commission, there would still be several more approval steps required before the project could proceed. 

At this point, however, the project is not able to proceed. 

A teleconference was held June 22 on a proposed wedding/event venue in YLP. Video of that meeting appears below, followed by the Notice to Homeowners.

The following Notice to Homeowners was mailed to all YLOA members.