By Diane Mahan
Ladies of the Lakes 2020 president

Ladies of the Lakes board has decided to cancel all community events the remainder of the year, and while we are hoping to resume club meetings in September, only time will tell. 

For those of you that look forward to our wonderful bake sales at the annual meeting and Holiday Boutique, we will not be tempting you with our delicious goodies.  The Rigatoni Dinner has been canceled along with the Holiday Boutique, as social distancing would be impossible with the number of people who faithfully support and volunteer at these events.

It was heart wrenching to inform the Boutique vendors we were cancelling, but knowing they invest a great deal of time and money preparing their merchandise, we did not want to cancel at the last minute. We value their involvement each year, and want to be respectful of the amount of preparation it takes for them to have such a wonderful array of merchandise, and hope that they will support us next year.  

How does this affect Ladies of the Lakes? 

It means that we will not be able to make our normal donation to (Fire) Station 10 with the proceeds from the Rigatoni Dinner.  Please support any fund raising Station 10 does this year and be generous with your giving.  Our scholarship fund will be small in 2021, but you may always give Ladies of the Lakes a donation designated to the  “High School scholarship fund.”  The applicants must live in YLP and there is a committee that reads and evaluates their application packet, judging who best meets our requirements. 

Ladies of the Lakes has a 42-year history in YLP of supporting our community through landscaping projects, purchasing needed equipment for Station 10 and the YLOA, hosting community events and underwriting worthy projects. While working side by side, we have developed friendship and concern for one another, which is exemplified in times of joy and sorrow.  If you are interested in joining Ladies of the Lakes, check out our website at Every woman in YLP is welcome to join.  

Sincerely, Diane Mahan, Ladies of the Lakes 2020 President