A special YLOA Board of Directors meeting was held Thursday morning after the passing July 29 of newly elected board President Sue Beck.

Director Todd Benzie announced his resignation and the board voted to appoint Randy Sacks, a candidate in July’s annual board election, to fill his seat. The board then voted to appoint Sandy Eigenman to the board and chose her to take over once again as president. She had been president in 2020-21 and did not run for another director’s term.

As the meeting began, Vice President Doug Dorsey asked for a moment of silence in memory of Beck. At the end of the meeting, directors offered words of tribute to Sue Beck for her many contributions to the community, saying she will be missed a great deal.

Sacks was chosen as board secretary. Dorsey will remain as vice president, and Mark Zoeller will continue as outside treasurer (not a director).

The YLOA Board of Directors will hold their next regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 10, both in person in the clubhouse and on GoToMeeting. Details and agenda to come on yosemitelakespark.org.