From YLOA/YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose:

Given potential fire risk in the event of an extended power outage, PG&E has placed YLP in a top priority position for emergency generators. 

Last fall, ahead of a potential Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event, PG&E provided 3 emergency generators to YSPUC, at no cost to us. They paid for the delivery, the configuration costs needed to connect them to our water system (several thousand per well/generator site), and would even have covered the fuel costs to operate the generators IF they would have been needed. 

(YSPUC Chief Operator) Ken Harrington remains in close contact with PG&E on this issue and exchanges updates with them approximately every 3 weeks. 

PG&E maintains a large reserve of emergency generators and provides them to the communities most at risk. 

This year, PG&E is prepared to provide generators for up to 7 sites in YLP in the event of an extended power outage or PSPS event — and to do so at no cost to the community. 

This arrangement is a direct result of the efforts of YLOA/YSPUC staff (especially Ken Harrington) and provides a level of protection to our community and property that surpasses anything we have had in the last 50 years! 

Given PG&E’s need to provide emergency power to several potential communities, there is no guarantee that YLP would receive all 7 generators (which would be dynamically determined based on the current risk assessment) but there is a virtual certainty that YLP would receive some emergency generators (as we did last year, even though the PSPS was just a potential and the power was not actually turned off in that instance) 

In addition, the YLOA Board passed a resolution this week to create a dedicated FIRE SAFETY TASK FORCE that will be chaired by Denis Ciccarelli, who is not only a prior board member but has been closely involved with our local fire station (and others) for years.

Denis and I have spoken at length and for some time (2+ years) about fire risk, prevention, and protection — and various ways it could be funded and deployed.

The creation of the new Fire Safety Task Force is another significant step forward to improve and protect the safety of both people and property in our community. 


It is not our policy to waste time and resources responding to rumors and misinformation posted in social media. However, in this instance, it is, in my view, almost criminally irresponsible to post inaccurate and untrue statements to disturb and distress the community — like crying fire in a crowded movie theater, when there is no fire. 

Please understand that a very high percentage of social media postings are incomplete, inaccurate, downright wrong, or fail to represent the full picture. 

All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend YLOA/YSPUC board meetings, committee meetings, and/or meet with the general manager. ALL major policy decisions and budgetary items affecting homeowners are discussed and/or voted on publically at these meetings. (The only exceptions to this are employee/personnel matters, negotiation/formation of contracts, confidential legal matters, and member disciplinary matters)