2020 YLOA election & candidates

Ballot and envelopes included with election packet mailed to each YLOA member in early June


The Inspector of Elections announced that as of 1 p.m. Sunday, July 12, the number of ballots turned in did not constitute a 40 percent quorum as required by law.

However, enough ballots have been returned (at least 25 percent) to assure there will be a valid election this year. The determination came after the inspector removed and counted all ballots in the clubhouse drop box at 1 p.m. and combined those with ballots returned earlier.

Signed ballots will continue to be accepted until the Annual Election continuation meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 21.

This year we have 6 candidates and  4 open positions. Please take a moment to· review the candidate statements below and to cast your ballot.

We must obtain ballots from 25% of ALL owners (1 ballot per property) to hold a qualifying election, so your participation is very important.

In addition to the attached statements, we held a Candidate Forum on Sunday, June 14th. Because of COVID-19, the forum was held online.

With new HOA election rules required by SB 323, we need a minimum of 567 ballots. In years past, we have not always reached this number, so your vote matters.

Even a blank ballot, properly signed and submitted, contributes to quorum – so please participate by sending in your ballot!

Thank you in advance!


At the YLOA Annual Meeting, four (4) members will be elected to the Board of Directors. Please review the Notice of Annual Meeting for more details.

The rules governing this election may be found here: www.yloa.org/election_rules

The YLOA Bylaws provide for cumulative voting, with each lot entitled to a number of votes equal to the number of Directors to be elected, for a total of four (4) votes. These four (4) votes may be distributed among the candidates as a member wishes, but the total number of votes cast by each lot may not exceed four (4) votes. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot change your vote after it has been submitted.

The Board has elected Marie Touitou to serve as Inspector of Elections.

The election inspector will follow the procedures outlined in SB 323 and CA law to ensure a fair, impartial and accurate count of properly submitted ballots.

This includes validating signatures on ballots and verifying Owners of Record, as of June 8, 2020.

As required by rules of the California Civil Code, ballots will remain sealed until a 40% quorum is reached at the Annual Meeting. If a quorum is not obtained at the Annual Meeting, the meeting will be suspended and reconvened on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM, at which time the quorum requirement will be 25%.

Only if a quorum is reached, will ballots be opened and counted.

YLOA Disclaimer for the Director Candidate Statements

Each candidate had the opportunity to prepare a statement with their application for the Board of Directors.

The profiles below include pdf copies of the statements of those candidates who submitted them with their 2020 YLOA Board Application.

These statements are included for the information and convenience of our association members. The views and opinions expressed in these Candidate Statements are solely those of the candidates and do not necessarily represent the opinions, policies or positions of YLOA or its agents.

The distribution of these Candidate Statements shall not constitute an official corporate endorsement or approval of any candidate or preference of candidates to the exclusion of any others by the YLOA or its agents.

Further, the YLOA and agents will be held harmless for damages caused by reliance on or actions resulting from statements or information contained in any of the Candidate Statements herein.