This year we have six qualified candidates running for four open seats on the Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association Board of Directors.

Sue Beck 
Todd Benzie
Rebecca Brannon 
Kathleen Miller
Randy Sacks
Ken Sartain

The four candidates with the most votes in the July election will be elected to two-year terms IF at least 25 percent of all owners submit ballots.

A candidates’ forum will be held as an online conference call at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 14. Instructions will be posted ahead of the meeting on how to connect.

Candidate statements will be posted soon on and also mailed to all homeowners in June, along with ballots and voting instructions.

We will mail ballots to all owners on June 8, at the mailing address we have on file. If you would like to update your address or owner information before we mail ballots, you may do so by sending a request to the Inspector of Elections.

YLOA Inspector of Elections
P.O. Box 40
Coarsegold CA, 93614

Completed ballots can be mailed directly to the Inspector of Elections or placed in the drop box outside the clubhouse. Specific information about the voting procedure and ballot submittal process will be included when the ballots are mailed in June.

Due to changes in CA law regarding board election procedures, ALL owners are eligible to cast ballots. This supercedes the portion of our bylaws that limits voting to “members in good standing.”

The practical result of this is that it will increase the required participation level for us to have a valid election. Ballots can only be opened and counted if at least 25% of all owners submit ballots.

This sounds like an easy threshold, but achieving this level of participation in the past has been challenging.

If we do not achieve the required 25% quorum, then the election is considered invalid, and the current board continues as is.

We encourage all owners to please return their ballots.